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MarineFloor Europe, your partner

Located in the heart of Europe, Marinefloor SAS was created in 2006 by Laurent DUBOIS. With 18 years experience in design and manufacture of plastic products, he launched the concept of modular floating pontoon on the European market with a French production, aware of its global interest for various sectors of activity, well at beyond the port universe.

For more than 10 years, MarineFloor has been deploying its solutions for sale and rental in a wide variety of sectors: port, lake, river and tourist applications, events of all sizes and durations, security, construction, military sector, …

MarineFloor always has a solution to accompany you !

Our main part : The EcoSystem® Cube

Base of our modular floatting pontoon system, it offers unmatched resistance, solidity and stability.

Its main secret is about the cube’s structure itself, their base on pads but also the 3 points locking system.

Designed to be adapted for every possible situation, you can find those both at the sea in the thoughest applications for its high resistance and at lakes and rivers for it’s deconcerting assembly ease, its infinite forms variations and especially fot its safety conferred by its center pin system.

Details :
Size: L x l x H: 50 x 50x 40 cm
Weight: 6,50 Kg
Buoyancy: 91,5 Kg
Resistance of assembling rings: 2.000 Kg
Patented male/female interlocking system
Shockproof PEHD (High Density Polyethylene)
Antistatic, low flammability
Standard colours: beige and light grey – Other colours on demand
(1 000 pieces minimum).
Anti-skid structure
Based on 4 plots (increase stability, reduce current pressure)
ECO Patented

Focus points

  • French company, development and production and a multidisciplinary team available and responsive to take up all challenges with you.
  • Eco-System® cubes that are both light (6,5 Kg each) and very strong, with a buoyancy capacity of 360 kg/m2 to almost one ton, with a patent on the final rigidity of the deployed structures.
  • High quality production. Custom design by logo and color is available since 1000 ex. Every part is tested and guaranteed for 10 years. Fully recyclable.
  • Constant Research & Development for more and more adapted services.



Our special product : the BoatFloor System

(Floating berthBoatliftFloating boat base)

The MarineFloor® BoatFloor System® is the ideal solution to maintain a boat out of water, ready for use, accessible in safety for loading equipment or get on board. The maneuver is easy, thanks to the propulsion of the engine. Simple and efficient, our BoatFloor System has no metallic piece or mechanic system. It requires no particular maintenance or no power supply.

Designed for most outboard or SailDrive boats, our boat base can be integrated into a MarineFloor® EcoSystem® cubes plateform or completed with an access pontoon, assembled with additional boat bases (for rental activity, …), and allows you to maintain your boat out of water, safely ready to go.

Our jobs and universe

From the origin, Marine Floor Ecosystem cube is a practical and professionnal solution to increase the floating  surfaces for one day, one year or more, keeping them always customisable or disasemble.

With our main product and our floating berth system for boats we have collaborated with a lot of ports in Europe, a lot of cities, several events, but also with the lakes and rivers professionnals, the sea rescue and police departments, some private customers, Sports federations, big brands, … Together we have created big bridges, big pontoons for sea race departures, arrivals, big floating events, technical plateform for work on boat or bridge, …

We are proud to participate in the realization of major sailing events, but also to have floated cars for commercial launches, to have helped in the realization of various sports events, from triathlon to floating rugby, have allowed beautiful moments of conviviality on the water, new crossings, beautiful fireworks, …

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