Buy a modular floating pontoon

In the event that your needs for modular floating solutions are recurring throughout the year or seasons, it is often more attractive to buy our modular floating solutions than to rent them. This solution is only valid for structures made of EcoSystem cubes.

For the needs of bases for boats or Jets skis (also called Ber Flottant or Boatlifts), it is on the other hand the only solution, we do not offer them for the moment for the rental (except exception on certain event projects with structure large size).

Here are some concrete examples where the purchase solution is more advantageous or even essential:

  • Your installation is used throughout the year, for example for a nautical club or a floating terrace.
  • Your needs change throughout the year, but the use of MarineFloor® elements will be continuous, for example for a marina, a construction activity, a recurring or itinerant event need.
    In this case we provide you with training in the use and transformation of floating structures, to adapt to your stock of cubes as needed.
  • You need the same structure several months a year and you can store it, for example for a boarding pontoon for a private beach or a seafront hotel.

Of course, we don’t sell without accompanying you. If you are already an expert in our solutions, you won’t need us much. But in all other cases, we can include, à la carte, the services detailed below.

Project study & Field experience

The Marinefloor Eco-System floating structure system being completely modular and adaptable thanks to the Eco-System cube, the projects imagined by our customers are often unique, sometimes unexpected, with their own needs and constraints.
The pooling of our experiences allows us to offer our services for the study of the project, its feasibility, its technical constraints. For this, we rely on satellite images, meteorological data, customer photos and information, background studies if necessary, a field visit, local professionals, etc.

We thus study with precision the components of each realization from all the necessary angles:

  • Tidal range
  • Anchoring & Mooring
  • Suitability for sizing / use
  • Buoyancy required
  • Security according to density and type of attendance
  • Possible accessorization
  • Forecast of downturns in the event of a strong storm
  • Adaptation to various constraints
  • Relations with the authorities, administrative files …

We then produce at least a 2D or 3D modeling and a satellite photo layout if necessary.
If necessary in order to test a very specific project, we have a port basin on our Port-Leucate site to carry out full-scale tests.


Modélisation 3D Marinefloor - Bateaux vue du haut
Modélisation 3D Marinefloor - Bateaux vue arrière


The volume represented by the cubes is important with regard to their weight (8 cubes = 1 m3). Specific logistics are necessary to transport the elements of a project, depending on the total volume of the order, its place of delivery and specificities (protected area, vehicle access, etc.)

We always take the most suitable mode of transport according to the parameters of your project (situation, size, locality, deadline, etc.). We have several services to ensure deliveries: carrier truck, semi-trailer, carrier + trailer, platform, maritime container….

Each order is prepared in our workshops, palletized, packaged and marked with specific labeling (pallet number, content, customer name, destination). The whole is accompanied by a packing letter showing the number of packages or pallets as well as the total weight of the goods.

At your service, we also have a dedicated truck* for work sites requiring specific assembly and / or appropriate anchoring equipment. In the event of an emergency, we use different “Express” carriers for emergency accessories shipping.


*Depending of your country, we have some partners to help you. Check here

Logistique et transport Marinefloor

Installation / Training

The assembly of a MarineFloor Eco-System structure is simple and does not require any machine in absolute terms. Everything has been designed for easy, manual handling, for error-free assembly without or almost no tools.

For construction sites and special projects, we ensure the start-up of the site with the customer*. Specific training is often given to users on request.

This service is free in our facilities in Port-Leucate, allowing you to fully install your project in order to validate it before shipment.


*Depending of your country, we have some partners to help you. Check here

Marinefloor - Passerelle flottante

Monitoring & Evolutions

Once your floating solution is installed, it continues to live.

We remain at your side to monitor your installation, we assist you in its modification if necessary, and of course we can continue to provide you with additional elements to allow you to have at all times a structure adapted to your needs, at most, near.



Suivi d'installation MarineFloor - Belle-ÃŽle-en-mer - Ponton portuaire