Our partners

At MarineFloor, partners are like a big family!
It has been built over time, encounters, life chances … It is the result of understanding, sympathy, mutual respect. It unites all its members, and they always enjoy seeing each other!

Vital energy in the influence of our solutions, we also attach great importance to professional and technical skills when we surround ourselves with a new partner. It is necessary that the harbour, maritime and / or river environment be familiar to him, that he is able to act alone on the sites to be carried out, that he can have a stock of cubes available to optimize logistics, …

The training we provide allows us to create a serious framework around the installation of our solutions,… their use, anchoring, mooring, wrapping, adjustment,…. of their transport, … so that a Marinefloor project is always “charted”, of quality and without surprises.
In constant contact, we also exchange a lot on the details of the field which help us to always improve. For the needs of calculation notes, complex structures, technical files, we always support them.

Without them, we couldn’t be so responsive and precise across the breadth of territories where our products are used, and we would have to resort to unnecessary transportation.
And above all, thanks to them, we are expanding our presence, our services, our skills and our good humor a little more every day (because yes, all these teams all over the world are really a family!).

Thank you dear partners for being by our side for all these years!



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French regions

EVT - Partenaire en Bretagne, France

Brittany, France.

Partenaires MarineFloor France

Boaz Concept - Partenaire dans le Nord, France

North, France.

Partenaires MarineFloor France

ESEAC - Partenaire dans le Sud-Ouest, France

Southwest quarter, France.

Partenaires MarineFloor France


Marinefloor Caraibes

Martinique, France.

Partenaires MarineFloor Martinique, France Outre-mer

Marinefloor Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe, France.

Partenaires MarineFloor Guadeloupe, France Outre-mer

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