Modular floating pontoons

for ports & harbours, for loading & unloading, for works & construction, to have a swim, for marina, ...
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When we talk about our modular floating solutions, we usually talk about modular floating pontoons. It’s our specialty!

We produce a modular, light, durable and reliable system allowing the construction of structures from a few square meters to several thousand, suitable for private and general public use. Stable, safe and secure (buoys, handrails, ladders, etc.), the Marinefloor® modular floating dock system makes it possible to design a wide variety of installations:

  • boarding pontoon, to access from a quay, a beach or a bank to a boat, whatever its size,
  • port pontoon, allowing you to moor your boat, create ephemeral infrastructures, equip a nautical club, …
  • bathing pontoon, to be able to take a break in deep water,
  • pedestrian pontoon, to be able to walk on the water along a coast, a bank, a quay, to set up a boat show,
  • work pontoon, to work on a bank or a quay, overhaul a bridge or a dam, maintain a ship,
  • Private pontoon to fit out your berth or marina

We also produce with this system platforms, terraces, walkways or any layout that may require a stable and safe hold on the water.

In practice …

Whether in the context of a purchase or a rental, we support you throughout the duration of the project (follow the previous links for more details).

Our pontoons are made up of an assembly of beige and gray Ecosystem cubes, which we manufacture in France. In order to optimize logistics and assembly time, they are most often pre-assembled in ready-to-use modules.

Secured on demand according to the intended use, easily removable in the event of a weather emergency, equipped with all the required accessories (depending on the specifics of the installation site and the intended use), our pontoons are delivered with keys in hand.

Depending on the situation and the field study, we study and offer suitable anchoring / mooring.

Training and/or installation instructions allow, thanks to the specific stainless steel key, to make changes over time and independently.