Accessories & Custom made

Our EcoSystem floating pontoon solution is completely modular for adaptation as close as possible to needs, at the moment or over time.

In order to further improve our service, we offer a whole range of accessories, essential or optional, which allow us to offer fully functional solutions. They are mostly manufactured in our workshops or at our historical French suppliers.

These can be structural, safety, comfort, anchoring or boat base accessories.

Find them in a quick presentation below or in the online catalog to download below.

In case of specific need, we also offer the creation of made-to-measure pieces. For this, please contact

Structure Accessories

The structural accessories include the assembly ball joints, essential to our system, the stainless steel locking key which allows them to be locked and removed, but also the screw nuts useful in certain special cases or the fenders to finish the contour. of a pontoon by improving safety with respect to docking or quite simply for a comfort and aesthetic finish.

Marinefloor - défense demi-lune
Marinefloor - clef verrouillage

Mooring Accessories

Mooring accessories allow our structures to safely accommodate different types of boats. Whether it is a simple stainless steel ring, ropes or a heavy mooring bollard (12 tonnes) or even a custom-made bracket, we will always have the right solution to offer you.

Marinefloor - anneau d'ancrage
Marinefloor - taquet d'amarrage

Anchoring Accessories

When they are not moored, our structures need to be anchored. We offer several solutions for this, ranging from the flat anchor to the double plate screw anchor, including the necessary chains and ropes. All our anchoring products come from French quality manufacturing.

Marinefloor - plongeoir
Marinefloor - ancre multidisques

Security Accessories

In order to optimize safety on our pontoons, we offer a whole range of safety accessories: stainless steel railings, stainless steel ladder, ring buoy and buoy box
Marinefloor - Ă©chelle inox 3 Ă©chellons
Marinefloor - garde corps

Dock Accessories

Our boat bases may require the replacement of the sliding cushions, depending on the type of boat used, the frequency of use, …

All of our accessories are also compatible with floating docks. Stainless steel dock plates are also available for certain situations.

Marinefloor - plaque martyre
Marinefloor - plaque martyre

Custom-made Accessories

We design some parts to measure for specific needs in terms of mooring, anchoring, connection to the quay, adaptation to gear, etc. We master the design and work of plastic, stainless steel, galvanized steel, wood, composites

Do not hesitate to submit your problem to us.

Marinefloor - ancrage
Marinefloor sur-mesure - préfaille