Sports, culture, show, corporate, private, ...

Events are a vast subject… but as far as we are concerned, it is always based on a similar need: knowing how to offer a structure adapted to the project, quickly installed, often with specific constraints.

Our involvement can be a single element of the project (a crossing gateway, a boarding pontoon, a floating terrace, a walkway pontoon, etc.) or the center of the event (rugby pitch, floating stage, swimming pool, terrace with reception tent, etc.)

Whether for a sporting competition (Triathlon, stand-up Paddle race, Swimming in icy water, etc.), a general public show (Waterugby, music festival, cultural wanderings, giant synthetic ice rink, etc.), a product launch (by floating a new car model for example) or a private event (getting married on the water, what class!), we know how to adapt to all projects… And there is no shortage of them!

Discover our concept and our products, browse our applications and our achievements for a global overview of our solutions. Then challenge us with your idea!