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Partenaires MarineFloor Suisse

Laurent Bertossa founded Econautic in 2012 in Geneva, a company specializing in aquatic installations.

Its objective is to provide users of water bodies in Switzerland with innovative and practical solutions, based on the use of MarineFloor floating pontoons made from EcoSystem® cubes

He has since created some remarkable installations (not counting the more classic ones), such as the floating swimming pool “L’Amarr @ ge” in Geneva, a WaterJump track, a Swiss flag floating at the Musée des Transports, the structures of the ‘Hydro Contest and the Geneva Lake Festival,…

On purchase or rental, Econautic offers tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs and can take care of the complete project (authorization requests, assembly-disassembly, anchoring, wintering) to deliver key solutions in hand.

Do not hesitate to contact them for more information or a free quote throughout Switzerland.

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