ESEAC - Partenaire dans le Sud-Ouest, France

Southwest quarter

Partenaires MarineFloor France

ESEAC, MarineFloor Europe’s partner for the French southwest quarter, specializes in nautical services of all kinds and for all types of sites, events, maintenance operations, etc.

ESEAC offers Marinefloor products and services in several ways:

integrated with other devices in a global project
Rented, for all types of construction sites or venting
On sale

Specialist in water space solutions, ESEAC delivers a turnkey project on request, integrating engineering, logistics, assembly, management and dismantling of our solutions.

Thanks to our close collaboration, we were able together to provide first-rate services with in particular the fireworks of the city of Toulouse, fired from platforms on the Garonne, the braziers on the water of the show of La Machine, various achievements around the Garona Cup, a floating swimming pool, and various maintenance / renovation projects for civil engineering structures …

A project in the South West, on the Garonne or at sea? Contact ESEAC!

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